Narrative short Sci-Fi comedy.

For Kurt, sole inhabitant of the distant station, days and months have become indistinct, his time given over to idle pursuits and routine maintenance.
But that all changes with the arrival of Izak, Kurt's robotic replacement that learns only by example...
and Izak does not have the most proactive role model...

Mariana 627' is a love letter to the sci-fi classics of the 70s and 80s, complete with plucky robots, shady corporations and surf-rock soundtrack.
created with love by & friends

CREDITS: Starring Douglas Utting

Ryan o'Connor as Izak 
Directed by Gareth Rowntree & Finbarr Pine 
Written by Matt George Lovett & Chris Mitchell 
Produced by Gareth Rowntree 
Original Score by Josh Gray 
Sound Recording & Design: Sven Mattes 
Directors of Photography: Szymon Wyrzykowski & Rory Power 
Gaffer: Connor Adkins 
Camera Assistants: Xinlu Qi, Rian Shafi & Antonis Kitsikis 
1st Assistant Director: Daniel Millyard 
Casting Director: Finbarr Pine 
Production Designer: Gareth Rowntree 
Costume Designer: Ryan Morris 
Hair & Make-up: Xara Kroba 
Art Department Assistants: Connor Adkins, Kavya Bharanthi, Amber Clausner, Emma Gilbertson, Ed Jones, Xara Kroba, Paula Martinez de Anquita, Vlad Michalache, Ryan Morris, Kato Murphy, Dora Schluttenhoffer Lees, Xinlu Qi & Sheryn Yidi 
Editor: Jakub Adamčík 
Assistant Editor: Harry Binstead 
VFX Artists: Gareth Rowntree & Szymon Wyrzykowski 
Lead 3D & Graphics: Stefan Senior 
3D Environments: Oskar Wadowski & Andrew Thompson 
Colourist: Xinlu Qi 
Drivers: Matt George Lovett, Matches Malone, Sebastian Zukierski, Rhys Knight, Adam Waugh

 "SURFIN' ON SUNFLARES" written & performed by GRAFT DODGERS


 Special Thanks: The Lovett Family, Jem at Sceney Salvage, Klevedon Hatch, Morris by Himself, Willis Hughes, David Power, Flip the Frog, Julie Flude, Phil Osboune, Chris Pinnock INDIEGOGO Backers: Charlie Stanton, Greville John Norman, Rihanne Hill, Barney Philippou, Matt Watson, Jade Williams, Paul Bradford, Kaya Fehmi, Jerome Rietveld, Wendy Masson, Tom Heather, Marc Humphrey, Riley Wong, Tristan Smyth, Joy Lovett, Ryan Shum, Sue Lovett, Megan Oxley, Callum McLean, Greg Jones, Anastasia Johnson, Jacob Wellman, Miranda Sherlock, George Bell, Megan Newell, Mark Cairns, George English, Isabelle Connor, Flora Schmelzer, Matches Malone, Ilia Onischenko, Sara Gee, Lewis Gregs, Jack Still, Kristin Curtis, Simon Thorn, Theres Lessing, Andy Murray, Joao Narciso, Carol Rowntree Jones, Dora Schluttenhoffer Lees, Charlotte Onderwater, Robert Mitchell, Algeria Touchshriek, Magdalena Mock, Andrew Hyams, Ian Baker, Jack Bastin, Louise Mitchell, Liz Allard, Max Cameron, Tom Crosswell, Rhona French, Pippa Norman, Liam Stiles, Matt Curtis, Stan Lee, Benjamin Connor, James Mason, Keith Lovett, Meredith Bigatel, Will Ziggy Stardust, Jemima Pine, Tom Peters 


DISCLAIMER: The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, dead or alive, is hopefully coincidental. Upon any unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition of this motion picture we kindly ask you to credit accordingly everyone involved in its creation.
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