Editor for "Chicken No Dey Fly" by ONIPA - Boomerang Records
2021, UK, 
Dir. Finbarr Pine
Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects, Media Encoder, BM Davinci

Reviewing footage, assembling & building the edit and narrative for the music video from the ground up with the director whilst liaising with the band, co-developing VFX direction, liaising with DIT, VFX and colour grade.
Music video for ONIPA an Afrofuturist band based in London - reflecting a need to escape a dystopian future, themed around flying, birds and all things chicken.

Logging and Media Asset Management for 
Aphetor Rising - Game Show

2021, UK, Greece
Dir. Nick Parry
Leading a team of loggers, indexing material offloaded with the DIT within the iconik system in a very busy live show format production, managing several media offloads per day from various formats sources and formats, assisting the DIT and the Editors in Media Asset Management and troubleshooting.

Videography, DIT, Media Asset Management, Editing
& Social media content creation 
2020-Current, UK
The Psychedelic Society
Adobe PremierePro, AfterEffects Media Encoder
Shooting, Ingest, Assets management,  Assemblies, Edit, Motion Graphics, Copy Graphics and standardising  delivery for various social media platforms for psychedelicsociety.org.uk

Editor for  "A Chasing After the Wind" 
2021, UK
Dir. Ellen Ahn
Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder
Ingest, Assembly, Edit, sound design development  and standardised delivery for 
Sound, VFX and Colour
 Short abstract film re-framing the ancient myth of Sisyphus bringing into the light topics of mental health, personal struggle and what is the worth of ones 

Editor for  "ShroomShop" Masterclass with Darren Springer
Psychedelic Society UK 
2020, UK
Dir. Anya Oleyksuk & Ronen Eldar
Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder
Shoot, Ingest, Assembly, Edit, Mastering and delivery
 Educational workshop course
on how to grow your own food grade mushrooms.

Teaser Trailer for "JAUNT" EP - U.M. Records
Dir. Jules Geist
Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder, EbSynth
Animation, assembly, off-line/on-line, delivery.
Abstract animated music video animated utilising neural networks technology

 Editor for Survivalist
2019, UK
Dir. Matt George Lowett
Assembly, off-line, delivery for VFX & Sound
A short comedy entry into a feature Anthology Feature Film 'Impact 50' exploring how literally the worst news in the history of all civilisation may be still a good news for some .

Editor for Hip Hop Palace - Fusion performance show at Underbelly Festival London
  2019, UK
Dir. Finbar Pine 
Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder
Assembly, off-line and delivery
Creating number of short promo video-clips for various web based platforms (FaceBook, YouTube, InstaGram) for a variety cabaret performance show featured at the
Underbelly festival 2019

Producer, Editor for “Gold Bottle Diaries” Travelogue Documentary webseries
 2019 , Morocco, UK
Dir. James Wardropper
Co-developing , assembling and editing a short form series exploring the art form of Light Painting long exposure photography set in Morocco and exploring the fates of local natives involved in the production.

Editor for Antigym technique testimonials commercial
  2019, UK
Dir. Victor De Halleux 
Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder
Assembly, off-line, on-line and delivery
Testimonials commercial for physio-therapeutic class provider.

Video Editor for VISION Magazine spring shoot 2019
2019, UK
Dir. Olivier Yoan
Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder
Assembling, editing, developing VFX and delivery
Fashion video shoot for Chinese Australian fashion magazine Vision, loosely inspired by 90's & The Fabric aesthetics.

Director, Writer and Editor for “Home” short experimental found footage 
2018, UK
 Adobe Premiere, Media Encoder, After Effects
 Assembling found footage and experimental visuals accompanied by 'Recent Excavations in Amerika' by David Barber.
A visual poem critically examining traces we leave for cultures that will come 
long after ours is gone.

Editor for "Mariana_627" short 
2019, UK
Dir. Finbar Pine & Gareth Rowntree
 Adobe Premiere, Media Encoder
Reviewing, logging, Ingesting, transcoding, syncing, monitoring, organizing footage, assembling off-line and delivering standardised formats for sound and  VFX departments
Medium length runtime short comedy sci-fi dealing with isolation in deep space and what does it mean to form relationships, even with a sassy AI.

Editor for “WHATS WRONG WITH MORRIS?” Random Acts
2018, UK
Dir. Ryan Morris
Adobe Premiere Pro,Media Encoder, Red Suite
 Reviewing, logging, Ingesting, transcoding, syncing, monitoring, and managing footage, assembly, off-line edit, and delivery for on-line for a Random Acts commission short experimental film about PTSD in the wake of the Falkland Conflict and the way war finds its way into the home of veterans- depicting how mental illness spills from primary sufferers onto the rest of their families

Videographer for Structural Concrete Alliance Expo 2018
2018, UK
Dir. Jakub Adamcik
Adobe Premiere Pro,Media Encoder,
 Shooting, logging, Ingesting, transcoding, syncing, assembly, off-line edit, and final product delivery for Structural Concrete Alliance Expo 2018 - an event for contractors, manufacturers, distributors, consultants, test houses and equipment suppliers, offering a single point of contact for major clients and a definitive source of information and advice for all involved in the repair, refurbishment and management of concrete infrastructure.

DIT for "Crashing Waves" Random Acts
July 2017, UK
Dir. Emma Jane Gilbertson
Adobe Media Encoder, Red Suite
Reviewing, logging, Ingesting, transcoding, syncing, monitoring, managing and delivering for off-line
Random Acts short experimental dance film focused on sexual identity in the working class estate environment.

Editor for “Olive” short Documentary
2017, UK
Dir. Sheryn Yidi
Adobe Premiere, Adobe Prelude
Reviewing, logging, syncing, assembly , off-line edit and grading
Short documentary focusing on heritage of family of Palestinian immigrants in south America

Editor for “Hollis” short
2017, UK
Dir. Willis Hughes
Avid MC8
Reviewing, logging, syncing and assembly and off-line
for short post apocalyptic drama who's main protagonist has to face loss, isolation sacrifice and decide on their final stand.

Editor for “A Dish To Remember” short
2017, UK
Dir. David Kelly
Avid MC8
Reviewing, logging, Ingesting, transcoding, syncing, assembly, off-line, delivery for
on-line and sound
Short psychedelic experimental comedy that makes you ask whether your existential nightmarish trips are simply a combination of bad conscience and food poisoning.

Editor for “The Dove and The Serpent” short 
2017, UK
Dir. Luise Gueltler
Syncing, logging, assembly, off-line and on-line 
Avid MC8

Short comedy focusing on the relationship between God, Devil and a clueless soul

Writer/Director/Editor/Sound designer for “No Catharsis” short found footage
2016 UK
 Steenbeck flatbed editing system 16mm Reviewing 16mm archive footage, logging, assembling footage on Steenbeck Flatbed system into an experimental non-narrative film. PALACE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION

DIT/2nd AC for “OBI” short film
2017, UK
Dir. Gabriel Monteregge
Clapping & logging on set, reviewing, monitoring, logging, Ingesting, transcoding, syncing footage for short drama film.

Director of “Not a Refugee” short 
2016, UK/SK
Director and researcher of a short documentary about 
fates of middle eastern refugees temporarily stationed in Slovakia During the height of anti-refugee hysteria sweeping through central Europe.

Editor for “[O]” short film
2016, UK
Dir. Tudor Massaci
Avid MC8
Reviewing, logging, Ingesting, transcoding, syncing and assembling footage for a short drama focusing at life of a phone sex line operator, her challenges and failures.

Editor for “You Can Do It” short 
2016, UK
Dir. Tudor Massaci
Avid MC8
Shot on 16mm.
Reviewing, logging, Ingesting, transcoding and assembly and off-line
Short absurd comedy  comedy about diet and one's strength of will.


Writer/Director/Editor for "Mind is a place nowhere" short 
 2015, UK
Short experimental performance piece exploring individual existential philosophy in contemporary British life.

for “Scale” short film
October 2015, UK
Short experimental film exploring issues of mental health, psychosis and paranoia


Production team for Anthropos Music Festival 2019
June 2019, UK
Participation in the programming process and festival
direction-Establishing contact with possible participants
during pre-production-Liaising with other corps. of the event
production-Volunteer management-Event operation

Freelance Videographer for Structural Concrete Alliance
June 2017, UK
Responsible for shooting, audio recording, DIT, Edit and delivery for Client of an corporate expo event.

Freelance Videographer for Hot Coals Theatre Company
July 2017, UK
Responsible for shooting, audio recording, DIT, edit and delivery for lient of a Theatre Play Performance

Freelancer Videographer/Editor/technician for “Wachumba ltd.” summer camps
2008-2014, Martin, Slovakia
Responsible for multimedia creation, management and distribution among clients

Volunteer for “Foundation Land of Harmony”
2005-2011, Zilina, Slovakia
Creative workshop leader, organisational team member of an international creative workshop festival & technician in organisation aiming for inclusion and integration of people with mental, physical disabilities and without.
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